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A good example of this error is the word 'church'. Many people think that having a personal relationship with Jesus means going to a building operated by a group of their choice.

In the Bible the word that translates into the English word 'church' from the Greek of the New Testament means 'a meeting of the believers'. On top of a hill, in your living room etc. Where ever two or more believers are gathered Jesus is present with His 'church'.

That location can indeed be in a big building with many other believers too. The building is for convenience but the 'rules' of most building operating organizations are not in the Bible and are merely local club rules for the organization itself.

If you are looking as I was for answers and healings and restorations and not more rules to follow with little meaningful actual help then there is one simple way to keep doctrinal clutter out of your life.

If some organization tells you that to be a member here you must do this and that or to not do something else but you can't find the constraint in Scripture then possibly you may not be able to pursue your relationship with Jesus with the focus and intensity you desire. Remember if its not in the Bible, its not in the Bible.

The most basic thing to remember is that Jesus came to earth as a man to be a blood sacrifice for Our sins even though He was without sin. To that end He was crucified on a cross, died thereon, was buried and rose on the third day.

To receive the blessings of God and eternal life with Him we must not only believe in our mind that those events occurred but by faith that if we follow in Jesus' footsteps we too will rise from the grave to eternal life in heaven.

Jesus told us the way this was done is to be 'born again'. Paul later clarifies in his writings that if we confess our sins with our mouth by our faith we will be saved and if we are baptized in water by immersion into and then rising up from the water we will share in death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus also tells us that we will do the same and even greater miracles then He did through the Power of the Holy Spirit which includes speaking in tongues, healing the sick by the laying on of hands, casting out demons etc. This type of activity as generally referred to as 'Spiritual Warfare'.

As someone who has participated in a literal shooting war I can tell you that spiritual warfare is no different in its dangers, risks and rewards and requires the same training, courage and determination that applying Rule .308 to Charlie did.

Jesus tells us that Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy but that He came that we might not only have life but have life more abundantly.

While governments will always do the wrong thing when it gets too hard to do the right thing remember that Jesus is Holy and Never sounds forth the trumpet that calls retreat.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired remember that Jesus paid our debt on Calvary Hill 2,000 years ago. Get on His 'short list' today!

Stephen Tassio

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